be Happy!

Be Happy! Come on, i Insist-

Cuz the shit could get much worse than this.

At least for now we’re breathin Air, and drinkin water, too

At least for now the Ground still holds our seeds & sprouts em too!


So be happy, come on! I insist-

Enjoy your frickin day šŸ™‚

Take a rest from all this doing, what’s it Doing, anyway??

Cuz see the Battle? Yes, it’s looming-

and see, it’s Us -vs- Ourselves.

So when we slay The Beast internally, we heal our World as well.


So how to slay your Beast, you ask?

I’m not entirely sure. Each Being, we have our unique Path of who we are and were.

One thing I do know about beasts? is boy, do they like us!

The more, the merrier, eatin Souls- especially when we make a Fuss…


So, go on be Happy! Oh yes please-

Be happy, i insist-

Be happy cuz i know for Sure the beasts can’t feed on this.


Know yourself so well and True, that you always do what’s right for You.

Rest up, Breathe- and do Enjoy!

Strive for Silence, plot your Ploy-

Because in Great Silence, seeds can root

And then your Plan will bear Good Fruit.


Unhappy people make fucked-up plans…so come on, man!

Be Happy OMG yes, please!! Be happy, i insist-

Be Happy, cuz next thing you know we’ll all be cleaning up for This.


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